• “As a software development company, our success depends on your success, on our ability to improve your business processes and systems. We strive to find a personalized approach building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.”
  • “We are close to you to make the complex easy. When you have to solve a process, organize a circuit, automate a management there is always a software that we can create to give a Solution”

Customized software development

Customized systems, integrations with existing systems.

Our customized system development solutions allow you to improve, facilitate and streamline your administration, production and information circuits, by means of computer systems developed according to your needs.

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Specialists in
MODULA Software

We are Installers and Integrators of ERPs to the MODULA Vertical Storage Systems.

With Modula in your warehouses you can:

  • Save up to 90% of the occupied area
  • Save time in picking operations
  • Keep goods safe from theft and damage
  • Use software built in with your company’s information systems

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Why Time Solution?

We make your work easier and more effective

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