Benefits System

The Benefits System is an excellent tool when it comes to increase customer loyalty.

With Time Solution’s Benefits System, you can manage your company’s cards, which will allow you to assign points to your customers exchangeable for prizes and/or discounts, as a reward for the frequency or amount of purchase.

Time Solution’s benefits system platform helps carry out an integral management of customers, including the data collection and real-time visualization of their moves. In addition, the system provides detailed reports of the operations carried out, with the possibility of printing vouchers. By knowing more about your customers, you can award prizes and benefits that are more attractive.

With Time Solution, you will be able to establish customer categories, with the possibility of registering fixed discounts for each category, or enabling specials for certain days of the week. You can also set conversion rates to exchangeable points.


  • Comprehensive customer management
  • System for multiple participating stores or points of sale
  • Administration of prizes and benefits
  • Possibility of registering fixed discounts
  • Possibility of enabling specials for certain days of the week
  • Differentiation by types of customers
  • Conversion rates to administrable points
  • Detailed reports of operations
  • Voucher printing
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